I’ve had a few of you ask about strumming exercises for guitar recently.

Just like Arnold Schwarzenegger said in Terminator 2, “Strum with me if you want to live”. Okay, he didn’t say exactly that, but for strumming success, give this a go…

When it comes to learning strumming patterns, one of the ways I get students to learn them faster is to:


  • Teach them the pattern and have them practise it multiple times slowly
  • Get them to follow along with me as I play the pattern
  • Firstly, I play the pattern super slowly, ensuring they have the rhythm correct
  • Then we go a bit quicker, but slow again if they make errors
  • When they are ready, we go even faster
  • For fun, and when we are ready to have a quick break, we then go super-fast


This usually makes the music go crazy and gives us both a laugh and a well-earned “breather” as we stop.

After a minute or so of chatting (to let their mind rest), we try it again.

The next time it usually goes even better.


To help it stick, I will often repeat the above routine later on in the lesson too.

This works well for them and is a good, fun way of using “sporadic repetition” to learn faster.

If you have a teacher or someone to jam with, ask them to try this strumming exercise for guitar with you.


If you don’t have a teacher, but this sort of thing is appealing, you may be interested to know, I just filmed a lesson on this…

Which is the “Two-Minute Challenge” for the month of November, where I test to see if you can keep up with me, in a fun way.

It is a good, fun, quick challenge.


In case you don’t know, every month on the 1st of the month, I release 3 new lessons in my membership programme.

One of these is a fun challenge like this.

There is also either a new guitar playing “Quiz” or an “In Focus” technique building lesson…

Finally, there is a special monthly bonus video that is only available to those who join in the current month.


If you want to get access to all these this month…

Plus lots of other lessons and goodies to help you learn acoustic guitar faster and have more fun, you can do so at the link below.

Elite Guitarist Inner Circle


Happy strumming!

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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