tunes inside your head

Today I’m going to share a nice cool little tip.

It’s part ear training and part lead playing, but you can use it for anything really…

Basically, it works like this…


Hum a melody or riff.

Ideally, something that just comes to mind or a little tune you hear in your head.

Now, hum it again and again and again.

When it gets stuck in your head, so you know exactly how it sounds, do this…

Pick up your guitar and try to play the exact phrase.



That’s tough, you might think.

Well, at first it’s brutal trying to transfer what’s in your head onto the fretboard.

I know.


So, start with short little phrases of about 3 notes.

Try moving up and down one string at first to get in the ballpark.

And if you struggle, don’t dismiss it, and don’t tell yourself you’re “not good enough”.

That’s not true.


This takes LOTS of regular practice.

And as I always say, practice is key, but so is knowing what to practise, and then doing it often and with focus.


Hope you enjoyed that and remember you can do it!

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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