unusual barre chord tip

Here’s a little barre chord tip I don’t see being taught all that often.

…And it’s about how you can improve your barre chords with…


Power chords!


A “power chord”, if you don’t know, is a simple three-note chord (sometimes two notes) usually played on the bass strings.

If you learn to play power chords well, it can help you align your fingers nicely.

This can help you manoeuvre your fingers better and gradually turn them into full barre chords.


I’m not going to say this tip works overnight (we all know barres cannot be mastered overnight), but this one thing can certainly help.

Plus, if you like playing rock music, power chords are great.

That goes for when being played on an acoustic, but especially when played on an electric with some overdrive or distortion.


Anyway, if you’ve never learnt a power chord, they can be handy, and they will definitely help you develop over time so you can play full barres.

This tip is just one of many in the barre chords book that can only be found inside my eBook bundle and if you like, you can check it out below…

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Have a great weekend

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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