Here is another 10-second tip which many of you said you enjoyed last week…


Aim to improve one tiny thing each day.


No matter how small.

It can be one movement, one chord, a little transition or anything.


Over time, these little victories will add up, improving your technique, boosting confidence, making your playing more musical, and increasing your motivation.


After a while, the “Snowball effect” takes over where these little successes get bigger and bigger…

Just like a snowball which starts off tiny but gets bigger at a faster rate as it rolls down a hill.

Try it.

Improve one small thing each day.

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It features a wealth of tips, advice, and techniques to help you make these daily improvements.

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Have a great day!

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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Allen Cox
January 13, 2021 Reply


I recently bought your ebook and really like the content…I am a beginner, just learning cords, and want to know what you think the best fingering for these two cords: G Major and Em? For G major I was playing with the third finger on the B string and my pinky finger on the high E string and then tried just the third finger on the high E string. I was playing my second and third fingers on A and D strings but then tried the first and second finger and found it easier to change to C Major.
Which way for both cords will make my beginning guitar easier while thinking about the future?

Thank you, please answer me on my email:

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