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One thing I’ve found over the years is that most guitarists make a big mistake.

They learn something very powerful that makes a difference to their playing…

But then, they quickly move on and forget about this powerful lesson.

Big mistake.


It’s not really the student’s fault, but there is so much to learn on the guitar that it’s easy to want to move on to the next thing.

I’ve done it myself many times.

But, mastering the basics is not only essential, it’s key to the whole guitar game.


For example, soccer legend David Beckham would practise his free kicks and crosses for hours and hours.

He would spend far more time on this than he would doing fancy tricks and impressive show-off skills.

It’s the same with Michael Jordan drilling the basics of dribbling, passing, free throw shooting, etc, over and over every day.

Or the Atlanta Braves legend, Greg Maddux, with his pitching, who talked about the mastery of his fastball and laser-focused accuracy rather than pure speed.


This happens in all walks of life too, not just in sport.

Music especially.

The best of the best get so good because they have mastered the basics.


For us guitarists, this means being ultra-precise with your technique, effective with your time, and physically in a place where you can play every day to your maximum level.

Because if the basics of good technique are not sorted…

Then when you add the fancy runs, flicks, and tricks to your playing, you’ll find them harder than you should.

It’s like building a house on a rocky foundation.

Anyway, never forget that.


That’s one of the reasons I created a $7 course (it won’t be $7 forever though). It’s to help you refresh these basics.

For example, many of you have multiple courses and books of mine, but sometimes you just need a refresher of the key basics.

I’d say having these reminders at least 1-2 times per week is key.


In the new 7-Day Transformation course, you get these key reminders, you get the 4-minute workouts, and you get a super-focused plan to cover these basics.

You can use the course every day forever.

You can go through it fully every now and then…

Or you can simply do the 4-minute workouts after going through the course.


It’s all powerful stuff, but whatever you do, never neglect the basics, and keep coming back to them.

They are key.

If you’ve never used any of my resources before, this course makes a very powerful introduction to my methods.

Find out more about the 7-Day Transformation course here


Have a great day of practice!

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


P.S. Also, don’t forget, if you order by the time this sale finishes next week, you will get two very cool bonuses for free too. These include:

#1 – The “Pro Secrets” Mini Course (featuring 21 tips from the legends of guitar such as Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Chet Atkins, Mark Knopfler, Jimmy Page, Tommy Emmanuel, and more).

#2 – Fretboard Fireworks (A collection of my most important lessons on exploring, “unlocking”, and running up and down the fretboard in multiple fun ways).


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