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I’ve always been intensely curious about how the greats of guitar playing got so good.

When learning, I was desperate to know the secrets that made great guitarists so amazing on guitar. These included people such as:

Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, James Taylor, Kurt Cobain, Lindsey Buckingham, Jimmy Page, and more.


Then later I studied Chet Atkins, Tommy Emmanuel, Paul Simon, and others…

…But after reading 100s of magazines, some autobiographies, and watching interviews with these legends, I’ve always found one thing rather frustrating…

Most great guitarists rarely ever seemed to share much useful guitar knowledge.


I mean, the words of wisdom they did tend to share, particularly in guitar magazines, always seemed a little generic.

Stuff like, “keep at it”, “it takes time”, and “practising for hours a day is how I got there”.

That’s all a bit annoying.

At least for me anyway.


The reason why is because I wanted specific advice from the greats.

Instead, in these magazines, they would often talk about the gear they use, or their latest tour or new record (there’s always something to promote in those magazines, of course).

It’s interesting stuff for the most part, but that wasn’t what I wanted to know.


I figured out a long time ago, it wasn’t just “practice, practice, practice” that makes a guitarist a good or great player.

If that was the case, the world would be full of amazing players, especially after years of practice.


Yet, there are certain things these legends do, certain habits and routines they follow that made them the legends of guitar they are.

I also knew it wasn’t just natural talent.

That’s because I’ve taught some players who openly admitted they had zero talent for music whatsoever…

…but who have gone on to play some really beautiful pieces of music and genuinely impress many others.


…But, between all the fluff talk, there were some incredibly interesting and insightful pearls of wisdom from these legends.

So, after years and years of reading such interviews, any time a legendary guitarist would share a genuine pearl of wisdom, I’d keep track of it and make a note of some sort.

…And hearing a genuinely useful piece of advice from someone such as Clapton carries more weight than coming from me or any guitar teacher.


I mean a normal guitar teacher might say some piece of advice, but when Clapton says it, it probably has 1000 times more impact.


So, what I decided to do was create a mini video course where I take the most useful nuggets of advice from these legends of guitar and share them with you.

It’s called “Pro Secrets” and it features powerful advice from 21 legends of guitar.

In this exclusive video course, I take the advice they share and show you a fun and quick way to apply it to your playing immediately.


It’s a really fun and inspiring course you can dip in and out of, and until Wednesday night you can get it for free.

That’s if you get my new 7-Day Transformation Course

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I hope you have a great day of practice!

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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