Happy new year! To celebrate the start of the new year and to help you with your guitar playing in 2019, I have created a very special podcast for all of my Guitar Domination subscribers. This podcast is going to be VERY important for many of you.

This podcast features a list of the 6 most common mistakes nearly all beginner guitarists make when they are learning the guitar. Not only that, I give you the key solutions to fix these mistakes as fast as possible so you can find the easiest way to learn guitar.

If you avoid these mistakes like the plague then you will make far more progress on the guitar than you would otherwise – because of that, I would say this is probably one of the most important blog posts or podcasts I have ever created. I mean that.


The start of each year is what I call “Go-Time” – a special time of the year where most people are highly motivated and therefore make great strides with their goals including their guitar playing.

You can download the podcast below…

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Good luck for 2019, no matter how good or bad last year was on the guitar, it’s a fresh start, so let’s get going! Enjoy the podcast and let’s make 2019 the best year with your guitar playing yet!



Scott Leadbetter
January 7, 2019 Reply

Heeeelp!!! I’m really struggling to get started I’ve had my guitar for over six months now and can’t get my fingers to do what I want them to do even to learn basic chords. It’s a pretty cheap pitchmaster electric guitar although my amp is fairly good. I really really want to give it a good go as I’ve always wanted to play but I am seriously having issues with keeping my fingers on the correct strings. Can you help ? What tips can you give me to learn the basic chords ?

Dan Thorpe
January 28, 2019 Reply

Hi Scott, here are some tips that will help.

– Make sure your guitar is setup properly with an `action` that is not too high
– Make sure the strings are not too heavy.
– Use a capo higher up to practice your chords – e.g. fret 5 (less of a stretch up there)
– Focus on stretching the fingers and don`t press any harder than you need to
– Pluck each string and don`t strum them to check they sound good
– Learn some fun stuff – like some of these easy riffs – chords are hard work at first, you must have some fun alongside learning them!

Good luck and keep going.


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