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It’s so important to have a “go-to” piece of music that you truly love to play.

I wrote about this last week, and the responses were great.

In that email, I talked about “Romanza” – a stunning piece of music many people love to play, listen to, and perform.

Many found that email quite inspiring and quite a few people emailed back saying how much they love that piece.

Today I want to share the audio of how “Romanza” sounds with you (just in case you’ve never heard it before).


A while back, I recorded an audio track of the piece so you can hear how it sounds.

And before playing it for the recording, I hadn’t played the piece for a little while…

But it felt so natural to play and it was easy to remember…

…And the music flowed from my fingertips like water from a tap.

I don’t say that to brag, but the reason why this song is so easy for me to play these days is that…

Well, I’ll let you guess the answer to why it’s so easy for me to play.


Is it because:

A – I’m a superstar guitarist blessed with the talent of Clapton, Hendrix, and Gilmour

B – I have an IQ of 140 and a memory like the Johnny 5 robot from the 80s movie, Short Circuit

C – I practised the song to death when I learnt it


I’m guessing you know which of the above is correct.

Of course, it is A.


The answer is most definitely C.

You see, when I first learnt “Romanza”, I was stunned by its beauty, elegance, and the melody.

Specifically, I loved the use of open strings, making it easy to play for the most part.

Combine that with a gorgeous and super simple melody played on the high E string, and this became, at the time, like the holy grail of all songs.


Lots of open strings, making it easy to play


A stunning melody


A wonderful song


Back then, I was very early on in my teaching career (in fact, a student introduced me to the piece and wanted me to teach it to her).

At that point, I hadn’t yet created any of my fingerstyle arrangements…

…Or all those in my Fingerstyle Collection course, and the ones I’ve taught over the years in the Dan Thorpe Acoustic Academy, weren’t invented yet.

This meant the “No chord fingerstyle” method I invented wasn’t even a murmur in the deep recesses of my subconscious.

In other words, I was still doing what most guitar teachers do.

That meant teaching tricky strumming songs (which are hard to play and often need the singing)…

And I was teaching tricky arrangements of famous tunes which, for the most part, were gruelling to learn.

So “Romanza” was like the best thing since sliced bread back then.


And if you want to learn it, you can.

I urge every guitarist out there to learn at least the first four bars, and I challenge everyone to play even just a bit of it and see if you or those you play it to don’t fall in love with it quickly.

This is a classical tune and as I often say, there is a lot to be learnt from classical music – especially when it sounds this good.

Anyway, you can listen to it, and if you want, you can get learning it below.

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Enjoy the romance of the “Romanza”.

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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