Here is another of the Monday posts with 3 of my thoughts on guitar, music, and life, including a new guitar group, an inspiring story, and more.

I hope you enjoy…  


#1 – I have a new fingerpickers’ guitar Facebook group for you


I have decided to start something up that I think could be very special.

It is an online community for those of you who have purchased Fingerstyle 101.

The guitar group doesn’t cost anything, and it will be a place where you can talk about fingerpicking and the book itself…

Ask questions, give support, talk guitar to others, get feedback/showcase your playing, and more.

Most of those who have purchased the book are beginners or fairly new to fingerpicking at least and are often learning later on in life.

Therefore, you can rest assured that the group will be full of guitarists just like you.

It is a Facebook group as that is the platform which makes the most sense.

I know some of you don’t like Facebook and I understand that – for me, it is a useful tool, although I am not a big fan of the site itself.

The group is based there simply because there is no perfect site and Facebook is probably the best middle ground. If this is an issue for many of you, let me know though, as your feedback is important.

I will be active in the group regularly, but I want you all to be involved too.

I’m hoping we can get 500-1000 or so members over the next few months in this group, as I think anything from about 250 members up would make it worthwhile.

To build up the incentive of getting you to take action and join the group, I am running a little competition.

The first hundred people to join will be entered into a competition where they can win a prize worth $97. More details on this in the group.

It is a very small group at the moment, but let’s help it grow quickly!


As someone who has purchased the Fingerstyle 101 book, you can click the link below to join the group.

Join the Fingerstyle 101 Community


#2 – A week is a long time

I was really proud of my student, Graham this week.

I teach him as part of what I call “Paired lessons” (lessons taught in a pair, funnily enough) with Ian, who I have mentioned on here before.

Paired lessons are great fun as they allow students to motivate and encourage each other…

While still getting a lot of guidance and attention from me.

Ian is slightly more experienced than Graham as he has played a little longer.

This week though, when they played the 12-bar blues and their warm-up song, “Stand by Me”

Graham showed he had made fabulous progress in one week.

He went from being a bit raw and not being confident with the changes the week before, to this week…

Keeping up with Ian at least 95% of the time, and they had a great jam together.

This just highlights the power of learning alongside someone else, which can be both motivating and inspiring if you get the right partner (which is key).

It also highlights what you can achieve in a week with focus and determination, just like Graham did.


#3 – The inspiring 80-year-old who blew us away with just four notes

I watched a really cool and inspiring piece on the news the other day. It was about an 80-year-old named Paul Harvey.

Paul is a retired composer who suffers from dementia.

Recently Paul’s son gave him a challenge to improvise with just four notes – F A B D.

Without thinking, Paul played a majestic piece that was a joy to listen too.

Check it out HERE to watch it.

You can see and hear the joy oozing out of Paul as he plays.

He was an inspirational teacher too, as shown when he had a zoom call with some of his former students who had nothing but praise for him.

One of these students was the Cutting Crew singer who wrote the 80s hit “I Just Died in Your Arms” – a great song which you would probably recognise.

The piece Paul improvised was adapted by the BBC Philharmonic orchestra, and they performed it for the first time yesterday.

It’s a moving piece and an inspiring story.


I hope you have an inspirational week and keep enjoying your playing!

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination

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