As I discussed recently, there are two crucial aspects of guitar playing which are key to creating a guitar learning plan and being successful.

These are:


  1. Having a long-term plan of action
  2. Knowing exactly what to practise each day


Think of it like this.

Your guitar playing is represented by a map of the world.

You are the captain of a ship and you are ready to travel the oceans with the wind in your sails.


To be the best guitarist you can be, you need to go far and wide, like Christopher Columbus discovering new lands.

It’s your job to charter these waters and find what it is you want to learn and discover with your guitar playing.

As well as discovering new places, you should also be vigilant at each moment and aware of exactly where you are each day on your journey.

If not, your daily progress will not be as fast as you would like.


In other words, you need to keep an eye on the big picture AND the day to day stuff.


Think about the map as a whole, so you don’t get lost, but also think about the here and now.

Neglect either and you could end up being cannon fodder for the inhabitants of the strange land of Guitarland!

I have found the most successful people in life have a plan, and all of them break their plans down into small, and then still smaller, chunks.

They then focus completely on these small aspects or mini goals, while…

Never losing sight of the big plan.


Always have specific goals and destinations in mind.

Some of these goals can be things such as:


  • Learning five specific songs from start to finish
  • Being able to play a fingerpicking and strumming version of a piece
  • Having the ability to jam in a key in multiple ways (knowing the chords, scale, and combining it all with various fingerpicking and strumming patterns, etc.)
  • Being able to play the four main barre chord shapes


Those are some good long-term goals.


Once you discover your long-term goals, you need to work on the little details each and every day, so you can reach that destination.

It is a good idea to quickly reassess your long-term goals before you practise, so you don’t meander around and get lost, but remember…

To also practise with ultra-focus.

Both are key to success in guitar.


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Enjoy the journey and your new discoveries!


Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination

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