lack of musical flow

This has to be one of the most frustrating guitar issues.

It’s this…


When you play a song and the music stutters…

Awkward pauses appear out of nowhere…

…And nothing flows properly.

What makes matters worse is that most frustrated guitarists have no idea what’s causing this.


But as a really experienced guitar teacher, I can spot the main reasons for this pretty much right away (I hope that doesn’t sound like a brag).

The issue most of the time is that many students have the tendency to look back and forth at each hand before playing the next note.

That doesn’t sound like much, but picture this…


You play a note and then you move your fretting hand to play the next note or chord.

To check this hand is moving to the right place, you glance over at it.

…But now you are not sure where your picking hand is.

A small bit of panic sets in and you look at the picking hand to make sure it’s about to pluck the correct string.


This causes an unwanted pause in the music, which frustrates you and ruins all the flow.

And that there is a tiny, microscopic version of what students do 100s of times per day when playing.

These little pauses cause all sorts of head-banging frustration.



Because it ruins all flow in the music, which is as unwelcome as a plague of rats hanging out in your backyard.

As you play more notes, the vicious cycle continues.

Anyway, not to be dramatic, accepting this is one of the worse things you can do for your playing.


But there is a solution that will help.

It’s called the “3-Point Method”.

And it methodically stops this situation in a systematic way.


Yes, it takes some practice, but once you master the simple concept and diligently apply it, you can quickly improve the “flow” of all your playing.

You can apply this method to any old songs you are frustrated by, and you can use it on new songs you’re about to go on a journey with too.

Best of all, when you combine this little method with some good, simple technique-building tips for both hands…

It can be like dynamite for your playing.


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Have a great day!

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination


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