Every month I’ll be bringing you a fun and informative short Q and A interview with a professional guitarist.

I’ll be picking their brains about their music, inspiration and their best tips for you to improve your own playing.

The guitarists that will be interviewed will range from all walks of life and will cover any area. The only criteria are that they play guitar and they earn their living or a part time living from doing so.

Some of the guitarists I will interview will be session guitarists, buskers, guitarists in covers band, original bands, solo performers, singer songwriters and fellow teachers.

The reason I’m doing this is it’s obviously a lot of fun but I also want you to read about and learn from other’s success stories.

There are lots of great stories out there from well known artists to those talented guys who make a big difference in the world of music but don’t get heard.

Everyone has a story to tell and a journey that they have been on. Many guitarists reading this are happy with their careers and are not too fussed about changing their careers (at the moment anyway) but many guitarists don’t have the self-belief to get to the high standard they want to reach.

This is where their story and your story comes into it. Get in touch and inspire others.

The first interview will be up tomorrow.

So if you fit the above or know someone who does and want to be featured on this blog that gets thousands of visitors per day (and rapidly increasing) either leave a comment on this blog post, send me an email or get in touch at dan@guitardomination.net.


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