This is the third SABR video and features an important subject – stopping you bending strings out of tune by accident when playing simple open chords. The difference this can make can be huge and can make your playing sound really amateurish if you are guilty of it – don’t worry we will fix it in this short video!

One of the most frustrating sounds for any guitarist is the sound of their guitar not sounding in tune, even though the tuner says it is in tune.

This often happens on chords and can awful. The reason it happens is due to students accidentally bending a string out of tune and thankfully the fix is pretty simple.

Learn how to fix it in this video.

You can view the other videos in this series over at YouTube or by clicking the links below.



Peter Wooldridge
October 19, 2016 Reply

I thought that was a nit picking video Dan I found it very difficult to tell any difference

October 19, 2016 Reply

Hi Peter, you may need to turn it up a fair bit louder to hear the intentional out of tune note. There`s a definite difference but I think the microphone has somehow compressed it a little. In real life it is more noticeable. Try it for yourself, play a a G chord and pull the low E string out of tune and hear it for yourself. Might be more noticeable then.

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