Below is an article I recently wrote on the topic of aural training for Guitar Tutor magazine, published and released by RGT – the Registry of Guitar Tutors. I’m a member of the RGT and love getting this magazine in the post every 3 months as it features some wonderful insights, tips and tricks for teaching and playing the guitar.

Merv Young from RGT had asked me to write an article on how I help students improve their aural skills and so I wrote this. I have scanned and linked the article below so you can read it for yourself.

Long time readers, and those who have read my inexpensive book bundle, will know about some of these tips but for the rest of you I highly recommend giving these tips a try.

The reason? Poor aural skills are one of those things that really hold back guitarists from making progress to the intermediate level as well as – more importantly – preventing their playing from actually sounding musical.

You can have all the tricks in the world, but if your playing doesn’t sound musical no one will want to listen! We have all been there and heard a lovely family member making a racket like a strangled cat on some old violin or recorder – don’t be that person!

Test your aural skills regularly, and try out these aural training tips on a frequent basis to improve your aural skills and consequently your overall musicianship.

You can download the PDF version of the article HERE

Enjoy and leave a comment below letting me know what your best tip is, or the biggest struggle you have had improving your aural skills.  


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